He was in my house too.


When I was 84, I dreamt about a fleeting love.

Don't tell Heidi. I don't want to worry him.

Owen ditched the murder weapon.

As science advances as some describe it, into itself, - by creating technology which is then subsequently of a higher complexity than the ideas it is to help explain - complications often can arise, such as a need for higher education for those who utilise it. This may not be a negative complication in itself, but gives rise to another problem: that this causes education about the subject's fundamentals to be sacrificed for the training in the utilisation of ever changing technology.

Turn off the alarm.

Surely no one will look for this sentence.

Don't point the finger at others, point the finger at yourself.


Only vodka from Russia is genuine Russian vodka!

You can take up to ten books at the library.

One must do one's best in everything.

Exactly what kind of name is Frederic?

America is proud of being a free country.


He told a good joke.

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Have you ever set a trap for a bear?


I got a flu shot.

I was not able to hear the sound clearly.

I am allergic to aspirin, penicillin, and sulfa drugs.

I kiss with my eyes open.

Actually, the problem isn't new.

She disappeared leaving only a conspiratorial wink.

What are the alternatives to imprisonment?

As the recession set in, temporary employees were laid off one after another.

Clark can't quit now.


Christophe is a criminal.

Ahmed told Bryce to be careful.

Beavers rarely inflict damage on people.

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She fired me.

I can't stop hiccuping.

I'm only working here another three days.


This is the second mail we send you referring to the invoice No.1111 which has not been settled.


We just gave up too soon.


I wouldn't eat that if I were you.

I thought you looked familiar.

How much did we pay Murat the last time?

The police think the burglar entered through a basement window.

You should've kept that secret.

I miss you and think of you so much.

Is eating liver bad for you?

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The new shoes pinch my feet.


I've already had the entrance ceremony. It's a university alongside the same railway line.

A person named Jones came while you were out.

Kevin looks a little sleepy.


We'll deal with him later.

A year had passed by and his body turned to dust.

Murph was in Boston for three years.

If you try and do everything, you'll never accomplish anything.

I know I'm going to die.


The knew that he wouldn't be able to pass the test.

Lynn told me that he would like me to come over tomorrow afternoon.

Gideon said he needed my help, so I helped him.


I'm still afraid of you.

Marion likes decorating cakes.

What a big ship that is!


That'll be interesting.

I knew we should've tried harder.

He's relaxing at home.

My fingers are so numb with cold that I can't play the piano.

Paul needs a new car.


That's all I want to say.

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Tell me anything you want.


Stop asking me for a drink! Go get it yourself.


Submitted by Patricio.

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Everything he says is correct.

They are on good terms with their neighbors.

You shouldn't break promises.

Where did dad go?

Do you have a son?

If you make a mistake, give yourself a break and try again.

The result is calculated according to general reading table created by World Health Organization (WHO) - the same for male and female regardless the age.

The plan has worked well.

Mara is doing it the right way.

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All comes to the same thing.


Is Mickey successful?

So you can't help me?

It doesn't bother me anymore.

This is my favorite part of the movie.

Don't come near me!

I want to know if you know who killed him.

Nanda doesn't know how to handle children.


Peter denied that he was Christ's disciple.


You have to create problems to create profit.

I had to wait for a ride.

Maria works in the field of psychiatry.


He seems tired.

You may as well not do it at all than do it imperfectly.

Love will triumph.

Edith has an hourglass figure.

I don't know what I should be doing now.


The drumming of his fingers was thunderous to Alicia's sensitive ears.

I think there are many who binge eat from stress.

It is absolutely impossible to do so.

I can't hear very well.

That's the house they lived in.

This is my third week.

Hilda is out fishing with Stan.


Carolyn walked over to the desk.


I have to design a new flier for the film.

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Naoto has lived here all his life.

Calvin worked like a maniac.

Is this getting you going too?

Perhaps Kitty was correct.

Renu was wearing his new hat.


I kind of like you.


I will be friendly to him even if he doesn't like me.


I lived next door to Francis three years ago.


I'd still like to try.

We opposed his plan to build a new road.

I can't afford a new car, so I'll have to make this one do.

Mahmoud guessed right.

Vladislav asked me to meet him at the station.


Phillip had to go there alone.

A Japanese person would never do such a thing.

Taro's and Hanako's desk is small.

My new novel will come out next month.

The residents of Mumbai are called Mumbaikars.

We've been at this for hours.

Please do not open the windows.


Like I said, I was busy.


Clayton never forgets to call his mother on her birthday.

Dial it down, Daryl.

We are anxious about our daughter's health.

You should ask Tammy.

I need to exchange dollars for pesos.

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The three-day discussion was worthwhile.

Can you hold on a little longer?

Do you think there is another answer to this difficult problem?


The Catholic Bible contains everything in the Protestant Bible plus several other books.


God help thee, brother, as thou hast so helped two of us.


You're like an old woman.

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He appears to know Ann.

Vic took a flower out of the vase while no one was looking.

He ran to the station and caught the train.

Brazil is partitioned into states, which in turn are partitioned into municipalities.

She saved a hundred dollars.


The boy admitted breaking the window.

Draw a straight line through it.

I want to do everything I'm expected to do.


He contributed a lot of money to the charity.


Are you really the one who donated all that money?

I am not in the least happy.

The sun has gone down.

Some people keep a food diary to keep track of things they've eaten.

Anderson is going to like those.

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He became enthusiastic about personal computers.

She broke off her engagement in a fit of anger.

We've caught them.

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We look forward to competing.

They're probably scared.

I'm so glad you're OK.

Nobody cares what you think.

Jean-Christophe was my first crush.